Friday 9 December 2016

Immerse yourself in old town charm - Gujo Hachiman: a true traditional Japanese town (part 6)

This is part 6 in a series of posts about a recent trip to Gujo Hachiman in Gifu.  I recommend reading part 1234 and 5 first.

Morning broke the next day and it was time to have a last breakfast in Gujo Hachiman.  It was just as big and as extensive as the previous days.

The Japanese sure know how to fuel themselves for the day to come!

We checked out of the ryokan and set off with the friendly owners waving us goodbye.  There was, however, one last thing I wanted to check out.  Now many of you who have visited Japan or who live in Japan will know of the very realistic plastic food models that most restaurants and eateries in Japan display to show off what food they cook and serve.  Well guess what?  They were invented in Gujo Hachiman and the town is still responsible for upwards of 80% of production in Japan!  On our walk back to the station we stopped in at a couple of shops to have a look.

How awesomely delicious it all looked!  But don't worry, each of them had a "do not eat" warning......

We enjoyed one last piece of Gujo Hachiman as we made our way back to the train station.

And even the train station was amazing!

The train from Gujo Hachiman back to Nagoya is also well worth taking as it is a beautiful, quaint little train of only one carriage!

The scenery is stunning as the train winds it's way along the Nagara River.

All too soon it was over and we arrived back in Nagoya.  Having some time before catching the bus back to Tokyo, I was able to catch up with good friend Sachiko for dinner.  It was good talking to her and with what she said, combined with a wander around the station area of Nagoya, I am convinced that a trip to Nagoya needs to be made.  Thanks Sachiko!

Climbing onto the bus, I reflected on the last 3 days.  Gujo Hachiman had been all that I was hoping it would be and more.  The subtle, unpretentious charm which permeates throughout the town, the buildings, the castle and the people was incredible and it was a pleasure to be able to be experience that for a few days.  However, a return trip is in the works as there was still a whole lot of the town that I didn't get a chance to see and my Mother, who reads my blog and who is planning a trip to Japan next year, has said that Gujo Hachiman is on her list of places she wants to see when she visits, and that is quite alright with me!

Okay, costs.

Bus ride from Tokyo to Nagoya - 7,700 yen.

Bus from Nagoya to Gujo Hachiman - 1,850 yen

Miharaya ryokan - 8,000 yen per night (including those amazing breakfasts!)

Train from Gujo Hachiman to Nagoya - 2,490 yen

Bus ride from Nagoya to Tokyo - 7,200 yen

(correct at time of writing)

Well, there it is, the last post about Gujo Hachiman.  I really hope that you enjoyed reading and following the series as much as I did experiencing it.  Gujo Hachiman is definitely well worth a visit when you come to Japan and it is quite English friendly!  Please leave a comment below and share with someone who would like a read and sign up on the right-hand side of the page for email updates when I upload a new post.

See you next time.


  1. Well have done it again as Mr.Magoo would say...covered your subject matter to perfection...fodder for a tour guide book in the future.

    Nagoya is where I spent more time than anywhere else as I was staying in a cho which was in Yokkaichi shi in Mie ken.I had about a 4 minute train ride to Tomida Eki on the Sangi sen and then changed trains to get to Nagoya...about 30 mins. away.A huge station complex as you know,but after a while got the hang of it so to speak.
    Nagoya is not the sort of city people are attracted to,but I do think it is at least worth 3- 4 days looking around.The Toyota Motor Museum is not far away with English speaking guides if need be..well worth a visit.It is an easy city to get around...clean...and not overcrowded.It is not the sort of city you will get lost in.
    I found the food good wherever I ate..particularly in the station area...such a huge variety of choices.
    Not long to go before Christmas...maybe you will be having some matcha cake with strawberries and who knows what else in Tokyo...and perhaps all washed down with some South Aussie beer or vino.
    So so hot here today and yesterday,but a cool change on the way.
    Merry Christmas to you and all the best for a healthy ...prosperous 2017...lets hope the Dons can get back on track and make the finals.
    Dewa, kyou wa kono hende(bye for now) Noel.

    1. Hi Noel, it's good to hear from you again and thank you for your kind message. It remains a dream!
      After having a walk around the area around the station, I became more convinced that it may be a place to visit. A lot of Japanese people don't really give the city much credit, but I am starting to think it may be worth a visit!
      I am lucky to be having my older sister visit me from the 23rd to the 30th, so I will be having Christmas with family, although Christmas dinner may be Yakitori!
      I hope you have a Merry Christmas too Noel, and I hope your 2017 is a good one too. I love reading your comments and look forward to more in 2017.
      Take care and fingers crossed for the Bombers.

  2. Jason, I have just read the final Gujo Hachiman episode, and yes, I definitely want to visit. I look forward to experiencing your world.
    Love, Mum.

  3. Nice Mum, look forward to showing you around late this year!