Saturday 19 November 2016

Immerse yourself in old town charm - Gujo Hachiman: a true traditional Japanese town (part 4)

This is part 4 in a series of blog posts about a recent trip to Gujo Hachiman.  You can find part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.

It was getting close to dinner time, so we ventured back out to the street in search of something to eat.  I had done a little research and had a place in mind, however, they happened to be closed (I hadn't researched enough.....).  Oh well, what's a couple of intrepid travellers to do in this situation?  Walk into a random restaurant and hope for the best, of course.  So that's what we did.

The name of the place?  Amanoya.  Nice little place, kind of an izakaya.  One of the staff spoke excellent English, she had spent 2 years living in Australia (some of you may say that that discounts her from being able to speak English!).

Looks good right?  I won't spend too much time on the restaurant here (stay tuned for an announcement in the next few weeks....), just to say that the staff were very friendly, the food good and definitely worth a visit for a meal when you come to Gujo Hachiman .

After dinner I went back to the ryokan to grab my other camera to take some night time pictures of the town.  At night is when a little old quiet town like Gujo Hachiman reveals its magical side, one that is quite otherworldly!

I will stop the talking here and just let the photos do their thing.

Simply breathtaking, and these photos don't begin to do it justice.  Just an incredibly beautiful place to be and an amazingly peaceful place to walk around at night.

As I was wandering back to the hotel, I happened to look up into the sky and saw this......

the castle, illuminated!  Right then and there I decided that the next night I would be taking a walk back up the hill to get a close-up look at this vision.  What a way to end the night!

I'm going to end this post on that note.  I hope you enjoyed the night tour of Gujo Hachiman.  Please leave a comment below, tell me what you think and feel free to share with someone who would like to have a read.  Also, to save time, why not sign up on the right column to get email updates whenever I upload another post.

Thanks again, and see you soon for the next installment.


  1. Hello Jason.these photos are remarkably crystal clear...the colours are brilliant as well and glossy magazine quality...I wonder how much fiddling around you had to do to achieve these excellent results.Well it looks like the S.Africans are on the ropes for this third test.Adelaide Oval day night tests with the pink ball have proved popular and one suspects they are here to stay.Great cricket weather and the sunset scenes at the oval have been spectacular.Yoi shumatsu wo,Noel.

    1. Hi Noel,
      good to hear from you again. You are right, I have started to use a bit of editing to fine tune the photos. It has made them look a lot better. One thing I haven't adjusted was the colour. That was the natural colour.
      I have been following the cricket each day at work using the cricinfo website. It has been a much better performance this time around. I wonder if the new guys will be held onto for the next tests. I also see the Bombers drafted what sounds like a ready-made AFL player who can play straight away.
      Anyway, take care Noel.